How will FIRMAGON be given?

FIRMAGON is given at a doctor's office as a deep subcutaneous (below the skin) injection into your abdomen every 28 days.1

During your injection, tell your doctor if you have any of these symptoms: trouble breathing or wheezing, severe itching, or swelling of your face, lips, mouth, or tongue.

You should receive an injection of FIRMAGON every 28 days (every 4 weeks) to help keep your testosterone and PSA levels low1*
Injection sites for Firmagon® (degarelix for injection)

PSA is a measure that may indicate that your prostate cancer has gotten worse. These results, which show a reduction of PSA, should be interpreted carefully. There is no proof that how quickly PSA drops has clinical benefit. Therefore, PSA level should not be seen on its own as evidence of the effectiveness of FIRMAGON.1

FIRMAGON is given every 28 days1

Month 1

The starting dose consists of
2 injections (120 mg each) that will quickly begin to suppress testosterone.

Month 2+

After that, you will receive a single, smaller (80 mg) injection every 28 days.

Month to Month

Set up the appointment for your next injection while you are at the office for your current injection.


No need for waiting or antiandrogen therapy: FIRMAGON provides surge-free testosterone suppression starting on day 11

Have A Voice

Every month is an opportunity for you to connect with your treatment team

Make monthly visits matter by getting involved in your treatment plan.

One-month depot is ideal for my patients. They love to come in, get checked, and see their nurse practitioner to ask questions and get updated data about their condition.
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