In the treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Drop Testosterone Fast

Patients on FIRMAGON® reached their treatment goal in 3 days

The goal of hormone therapy is to lower Testosterone (T) levels. With FIRMAGON, you don't have to wait. PSA reduction usually follows T drop.

In a clinical study, FIRMAGON kept testosterone levels at goal for a full 12 months in a group of 207 patients.

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Be Direct

FIRMAGON is the only hormone therapy that directly blocks testosterone release at its main source

How It Works

Have A Voice

Your health matters, and so does your voice.
Every month is an opportunity for you to connect with your treatment team. Ferring and FIRMAGON are here to help enhance that connection every step of the way.

Hear From a Real FIRMAGON Patient
Make monthly visits matter by getting involved in your treatment plan.
Hear From a Real FIRMAGON Patient

PSA = prostate-specific antigen.